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 aka Pauly and the Goodfellas and Jersey Nights

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Pauly and the Goodfellas

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Pauly and the Goodfellas

AKA Pauly and the Greaseballs

"THE HISTORY OF ROCK & ROLL" was born in America’s south; the musical child of gospel, ragtime, and the blues. It was first heard in the cotton fields, plantations and in the small towns and villages on both sides down the mighty Mississippi River. It was new, different, special, and held a beat and a feel that, once heard, could not be denied. It traveled up the Mississippi at a time when Americans were struggling to find their new identity after a depression, a war, and social upheaval that would change the face and sound of not just America, but the entire continent. This new sound transformed the lives of everyone who heard it, black and white, and it struck a musical chord deep in the heart of North American youth, who sang and danced it into the mainstream with a joy and a drive that could not be denied. That music was SOUL!

Soul transformed the American musical landscape and it became the sound of a new, youthful generation, bringing with it a fresh, funky sound that made it impossible to deny. With Soul’s arrival, North America saw and heard a new kind of entertainment, with Aretha Franklin, The Temptations, The Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder, and a galaxy of other Soulful stars that took the continent by storm. That Soulful sound is still with us today, stronger and funkier than ever, and tonight we bring it to you live with all its excitement!


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, Pauly and the Goodfellas!

"Goodfellas is definitive Rock 'n Roll"

- The Toronto Sun
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Paul Saunders is the founder and fearless leader of “The History Of Rock And Soul  Starring Pauly and The Goodfellas”. Paul’s career has spanned over 45 years. He started  in the 1960’s in Toronto’ Yorkville Village, Canada’s version of NYC’s Greenwich Village,

playing in Coffee houses and out door festivals, opening for the greatest acts of the times like Steppenwolf, BB King, Sly And The Family Stone, and many others major acts.


Paul moved from there to Toronto’s Royal Alexander Theatre in the Canadian production of “Hair” and then to Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the long-running production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” starring as King Herod to rave reviews in “Billboard and Variety’ Magazines. Paul has many feature film and TV credits as a film and TV Actor.


Check out his IMDB Actors profile and his personal website :

Paul is also proud of his long-running song writing career that led him to a 2 year contract with Epic Records in LA. in the mid-70’s and he is still writing and recording, songs for himself and many other artists.


Reese Brunelle is a singer,songwriter, director and producer. He has Directed award winning theatre productions such as "Forever plaid", "Rocky Horror" and "Grease". Reese is also an artist who works in many fields, from props and sets, to video editing and effects, to music composition and audio fx. Being a clown onstage comes naturally, as he's been hamming it up in the goodfellas show for over 28years.


Joey has been called "The Sweetest Singer This Side of The Equator".  He has been performing on stage and screen since 1982, in such musical performances of "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Man of La Mancha", "Hello Dolly", and "The Sound of Music", as well as roles in “The Mousetrap” and “Deathtrap”, just to name a few.  

His acting chops have sent him all over the world to such places as Cuba, Chile, and the USA, to perform on various TV shows and commercials.  

Joey is also a prolific songwriter, writing well over 100 songs.  He is in the process of writing and producing his very first musical.

His over 30-year career with Pauly and The Goodfellas has given him the reputation of being a triple threat- Great Singer, Great Dancer, Great Eater!!


"This show kept the audience laughing and dancing all night long!"

- NOW Magazine
Regent Theatre
Pauly & the Goodfellas in Brampton
Pauly & The Goodfellas in Brockville
The Tropicana
UFCW review
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